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Nick's Top Ten Pixar Movies

With Up recently released on DVD, Pixar now has ten movies under their belt. The great thing about a Pixar movie is that, quality-wise, they're 10 for 10. Speaking of 10s, I thought in commemoration of their tenth (and some would argue, their best) movie, I thought I'd do a quick Top Ten of my favourite Pixar movies.

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These Times Are a-Changing

There are a couple of blogs that I visit on a regular - if not daily - basis. There's Toronto's own MightyGodKing (a former LJ'er, himself) and Chris' Invincible Super-Blog (or "The ISB" for short). As a continually growing writer, especially in light of being published this year, I've given some thought to revamping my own blog to be a little more...universal. As I've considered how I've written entries before, I realize that they're all over the place in content. For example, the BLUTs (Big List Update Thing) is cathartic to get everything all out in one big entry and get it over with, but it leaves for long, ranting entries that would hardly attract an audience.

My point is that I'd like to try to garner a bigger audience, partly for my own selfish, self-esteem issues of wanting feedback, but also to get my name out further out there. In the event that I get a book published, having a well-written, consistently updated website to promote myself and my work would be essential. I started asking to myself, "What makes a good blog?" Or more specifically, "Why am I drawn to these particular blogs?" There are some similarities in how either of these blogs operate. So, I'd like to discuss those similarities, followed by changes that I'm considering to the my own.

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Sooooo...Live Journal, eh? This looks awfully familiar.

I haven't updated in ages, again. Despite constant self-promises to update more frequently, I haven't. Maybe if I wrote Top Tens, I'd post more often? Nope. Maybe if I did this, maybe if I did that. LiveJournal is no longer a popular, public forum, replaced by Facebook and especially Twitter. Gone are the days when get togethers are made through LJ. Gone are the days of long posts from my friends so I can read all about their life goings on when we're too busy to catch up with each other. I think I miss the days when many friends would comment on my LJ, but that stems from a low self-esteem and being a feedback junkie.

Has anything interesting occured, lately? A few. For one, another drama-induced move to another apartment. I won't go into specifics about it, but it's overdramatic bullhooey and I'm getting royally screwed over with no return on my damage deposit, lost or damaged items that won't be replaced and...yeah, it's not good. Admittedly, some of the drama is of my own doing, but from a business standpoint, I'm getting screwed to the point that I'm considering legal action through Small Claims Court. Regardless, I'm moving into a new place tomorrow, with roommates who feel like I'll get along with better (though I've thought that before), a much bigger room than the near-closet I'm in now and best of all, they have PS3 and a Wii! Wii for the Win? Or Wiin?

I've started dating someone. The long and the short is this: I was biking home from work one night and suddenly got a flat tire. So, I was walking home from work when I hear a voice from behind say, "Excuse me?" I turn around and it's a very cute Japanese girl. She was a little scared walking home alone, so asked if she could join me. We started talking and I walked her home. She told me that she's only been here for about four months, here to learn English, 28 years old, etc. Her English was quite good. We've gone out two more times since then and there are definitely mutual butterflies. One setback, however, is that she has a boyfriend back in Japan. However, they started dating not long before she moved here, he has no plans to move here for her and...well, it feels like I have a very good chance. I say this, if only after Wednesday's date, after I walked her home, we did the whole "keep looking back at each other while we walk away" thing. Anyway, it feels like things are progressing well. We've discussed other dates - such as a pool rematch, as we're tied 1-1; the ROM; ice skating - but nothing concrete yet. I certainly don't want to be the "other guy".

You know, I'm rather enjoying writing on here again. Maybe I will update more often, again.

Doc Crimson: Final Blackout


New story up at Thousand Faces! Enjoy! And leave comments/thoughts!

Think I might edit this later with behind-the-scenes commentary.

My Superman Game

Given the huge success of getting the perfect Batman game, I've been thinking: what, to me, would be the "perfect" Superman game?

Well, I've given it a lot of thought and this is what my take on it might be:

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As much as I'd hate to lose my job (given that Toronto alone has at LEAST a dozen Blockbusters), this doesn't honestly surprise me. Business has gradually been declining all over the place and it feels like the company keeps remodelling itself to stay relevant. Personally, I love working there, not just for the free rentals but my awesome co-workers, a majority of the customers who are quite nice and as an added bonus, the dogs that come in that get treats from me.

With that said, it still wouldn't surprise me. There was already one store near mine that shut down last year with no notice. Given that my store is, well, one of the better ones in the area (sales-wise, according to the boss), I think we should be okay. Another store about the same distance in the opposite direction of the other closed story, though? Well, their reputation and horror stories from co-workers that have worked there makes me wonder.

So, things are going to be interesting in the next while. At the very least, if other stores around the area shut down, it might mean more business for mine, in particular.

Soundtrack to "ThatNickGuy: The Movie"

One of these days, I'll write up a post about things going on, such as school starting this week, comics bought as of late and hanging out with my old friend from St. Thomas University, Vanessa (who just moved here from Korea). But for now? A meme, stolen from eumelosdrizzle.

The Songs of Your Life - Movie Edition
1. Open your library (iTunes, winamp, media player, iPod)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. New question– press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool

Oh, boy. Given that a lot of my music came from songs I heard and enjoyed on movies, soundtracks or musicals, this'll be interesting:

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Vid-Ee-Oh Games!

This week, I've been put in charge of looking after Mitchell & Carrie Anne's place, or more specifically, their cats. While looking after it, Mitch offered to let me create a profile on his X-Box 360 and play some games. And...it's got me thinking about maybe buying a PS3, which I've been thinking about doing for awhile.

I've found that playing some of these games is kind of an exercise in frustration. The system is clearly meant to be played on a high-definition TV, which my friends don't have (and given the cost, who can blame them?), thus it makes it reading the instructions on-screen a bit difficult. For example, in Prototype, every new move you learn, it tells you to hit this button and this button, but the resolution makes it hard to read, turning the gameplay into a guessing game (one I've manage to figure out for the most part). In Dead Rising, the text is near impossible to read, but I understand that's an issue for most gamers and was a common complaint upon its release.

That said, I've had a lot of fun. Dead Rising is cathartic in that you can bash in zombie skulls with literally everything. From the usual guns and knives to katanas, axes, chainsaws, lawnmowers (oh yeah!), toy lightsabers, plates, frying pans, potted plants...well, you get the idea. It's fun as hell, though it's frustrating to have so few save points and the game runs on this 72-hour (game time, not real time) clock and missions are on timers, too. I wish it was more like Grand Theft Auto where you can roam free and do whatever you feel like and do the missions when you want to open up more of the city or get new things. Still, it's fun as heck to just bash zombies.

Prototype, on the other hand, is cathartic fun in that kind of badass superhero kind of way. Traversing through the city is great fun and a lot of the powers are really neat. The story, while a bit cliche, has pulled me in and I think I've realized why: it reminds me a lot of Parasite Eve, one of my favourite games for the old Playstation 1. Though, I have to agree with Yahtzee's review of the game, in that the main character is hardly what you'd call a good guy when he splits people in half with his claws and consumes people's blood to regain health. I like the way that you can switch powers, though, including an infared vision, and it makes me wonder what a Superman game would be like with a similar power design scheme (switch out different eye powers; or breath such as freeze or gust, etc).

Overall, I'm having a blast and it's a nice way to end my summer before school starts on the 9th. I'm honestly tempted to ask for a PS3 Slim for Christmas and not ask for anything else. I had always told myself that if Dead Rising was on PS3, that would be the last straw. Well, Dead Rising 2 will be released on PS3 next year, so I think it's time to hold up to my own promise.

Disney Acquires Marvel Comics


It's pretty much the big news today in the geek world, one that I'm sure everyone has heard by now. If anything, it might be more chance of a third season of Spectacular Spider-Man, which I am TOTALLY down for.

Personally, I'm much more amused by all the jokes being made about the consolidation between the two companies:
-World War Stitch
-Finding Namor
-Wall-E: Herald of Galactus
-New Incredibles, Mighty Incredibles, Dark Incredibles
-M.O.D.U.C.K. (my new wallpaper!)
-Hannah Magneto
-Disney Zombies

Personally, I want to see artists all over the place go nuts with these concepts. Mighty God King has a comment section just filled with fun crossover ideas that are sure to amuse artists for at least the next few months.

Quickie Thoughts

Or Q-Thoughts, as I believe I'll call them from now own.

I know, I rarely post on Live Journal, anymore. I think it's for a few reasons:

1) I know that a number of people in my life follow this journal, reading up on what's going on in my life and such. Honestly, I wouldn't mind hearing from said people and hearing how their life has been, maybe even spend more (or any) time with them, if they happen to live in Toronto, instead of it just being one-sided. Admittedly, it's handy to go into great details about something that I might not have time to talk to with someone, such as my most regular reader. Hi Mom! Part of this problem is that, because of the distinct lack of confidence I have in myself, I don't contact them, myself, assuming that I'm being a bother or interferring with things they do, or maybe even making them uncomfortable. I'm great with strangers and short, small talk, but when it comes to just hanging out? I don't know, it's like I don't have the right skills or something.

2) Honestly, there's been drama as a result of my posting on here, sometimes. I've gotten in trouble with friends for divulging information that I had no right to (usually unknowingly, in a passing thought) or overreacting to things (drama with an employee at work, people that have anonymously posted, etc) and it's that kind of drama that I've been wanting to avoid.

3) I just haven't had the motivation, honestly. I keep thinking about posting more often, maybe doing some kind of running project, like a series of Top 10s similar to the wrestling one I did ages ago. Or more comic book reviews. But I just haven't felt like it. Maybe I'll try better in the while, but that might depend on school.

Anyway, since this little opening rant has gotten longer than intended, I'll put some Q-Thoughts behind the 'ol LJ cut.

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