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Themed Interest by Day

Since posting this morning, I've been thinking about how I could motivation myself to post more actively. Something that I discussed before, when I tried being active again, was having certain days be based around certain subjects. If I give myself something of a regular schedule to follow, there's a chance I'd not only be motivated to write more, but I could think ahead of time on what to post on that themed day. So, here's some ideas I have. This is going by a Monday-Friday basis, taking a break on Saturdays and Sundays. And one post per day (within reason or with some wiggle room to post other things, if I wanted). At least one idea is already set in stone, in my opinion:

1) Monday Night Blog - If you imagine Vince McMahon announcing this, it sounds a little like "Monday Night RAW." So this would be a wrestling-themed post for the day. My immediate thought is to finally write a weekly mini-series, relaying my experience in wrestling school. Another might be "Why I Should Book Wrestling," some articles of which are already written but never published anywhere. Of course, on other weeks I don't post either of these things (or perhaps a second post in that day), I could talk about current events in wrestling. Like how it seems awfully convenient that CM Punk's Twitter-trashing of Chris Brown started right when the Road to WrestleMania began.

2) Movie/Video Game Tuesday (working title) - With some exceptions, new movies (DVD/Blu-Ray, not theatrical) and video games are released on Tuesdays. I'm rarely (if ever) one to go out and buy the latest thing the second it comes out. Since this is a day that a lot of gamers are excited about, I think this day is appropriate.

3) Comic Book Wednesday (working title) - Comics are released on Wednesdays. Again, what better day to discuss them. I buy a couple of monthly DC comics, but most of my purchases are graphic novels or trade paperbacks (depending on your definition). Since moving to Maine for school, I haven't been able to buy new trades on Wednesdays. So this would be just whenever I happen to buy them. Or it could be thoughts on comic book news, as well (like After Watchmen, which I'm sure I'll tackle, even if it's belated). Or maybe I'll just spew about some of my favourite books.

4) Teacher Thursday (working title) - I'm studying Elementary Education. And I've found that, whereas before, the interests I was most passionate about were nerdy in nature, the idea of teaching has joined as a new passion. This could be a good exercise in self-reflecting for me, possibly throwing around possible classroom techniques or lessons. Just last week, I wrote my official first lesson plan that includes comic books into the curriculum. And I'm just getting warmed up.

5) Armadillo Fridays - New readers to the blog will soon hear a lot about Dilbert Pinkerton. Similar to Chris Sims' "Batman..." posts that include a picture of Batman and a hilarious caption ("Batman...heard one of you ladies is getting married tomorrow!" as he rips open his shirt), I'd post things about armadillos. This could be just fun facts, maybe a captioned photo, or maybe even a sample chapter from my novel. In fact, this might double as a creative writing day, talking about my writing in whatever manner. At the very least, come Christmas time, I'll make it an annual tradition to post the "Holiday Armadillo" clip from Friends.

And...that's about it. If anyone has ideas for good names for the "working titles" stuff, say so. Or tell me what you think of this themed days idea.