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Nick the Brick

To impersonate Homer Simpson for a moment: GYM! Gymgymgymgymgym!

Over the summer, I became a big cyclist. These days, even as the weather gets colder, I'm biking 17k back and forth to York University. I love it and I've certainly gotten in great shape as a result.

Before that, I was mostly doing yoga every day or every second day to stay in shape. And I enjoyed that too. In fact, if I can ever find (or afford) a good, regular class, I'll likely return to it. Where I live now has rather low ceilings, enough that I can't stand and stretch my arms straight up all the way, which doesn't help with reaching your arms overhead for yoga. So, yoga at home is not necessarily impossible, but slightly hindering.

But a few years ago, back when I lost a lot of weight, I used to be a big gym guy. I used to hit the weights three times a week. I loved running on the treadmill, too. For the first time in my life, I had "guns"! I found an older picture of me with said guns and I kinda missed it. Some friends of mine nicknamed me "Nick the Brick", which was also going to be my ring name if I ever got into professional wrestling (specifically Nick "The Brick" Brunswick).

Last week, I went to Bloor Fitness with a 7-day guest pass. It's a small gym, mostly centered around boxing fitness, but they have a great, basic weight and cardio area. After working out for about an hour and a half, I realized how much I missed weight lifting.

I've never really considered myself a weight-lifting meathead, though. I've never had the body of a god or even a body compared to about 90% of the guys that hit the weights on a regular basis. But I kinda liked being the strong man among my own group of friends. Heh, one time I had a friend hanging off of each arm and I was literally curling them like a pair of dumbells.

So yeah, think I'm gonna get back to the weights again. Time to bring back the guns. Time to bring back Nick the Brick. =D


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Nov. 17th, 2010 05:25 pm (UTC)
Your internet fan club (I am president) demands regular progress pics. ;-)

Also, I skipped the gym again today. *SHAME*
Nov. 18th, 2010 11:57 am (UTC)
You... You posted something! Huzzah! :D

Pictures, yes, pictures would be good. Also, yay for biking despite the cold, and yay for possibly finding a good gym.

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